TIME TO BRING IT 4 part series (newearth-clone)

In this three part video series we go on three shamanic journey's, which work on the deep layers within our subconscious. The purpose it to connect to your celestial wisdom, root it down and express this wisdom, this essence that only YOU carry into form. You are here to create the New Earth, time to ACTIVATE fully!

You are ready to BRING IT! The world needs you, humanity needs you to shine, radiate and be your authentic soul blueprint.

These videos go deep, so you may want to listen to each multiple times, you may fall asleep the first time around... PERFECT, it means it's getting in deep, so listen again so the subconscious can become conscious, the world is ready for you to ground your essence.
  • Time to Bring It Visionary Series
  • Part 1 Connecting to Your Celestial Wisdom
  • Part 2 Grounding Who YOU are into form
  • Part 3 Hopping timelines & creating a new reality.
  • WRAPPING up Time to Bring it series
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed