Advanced Course

3 month Visionary Business Boot UP!

Connecting to and bringing down your Visionary Business Blueprint; the peace you play in creating New Earth NOW! You are part of the puzzle and you embody a consciousness that will serve the world in huge and miraculous ways. It is time to step up, serve, create your dream and make it a reality. Andrea Moyah New Earth Activator will hold space for your most authentic soul-aligned business...Enlightened Business. Creating a New Earth business from your soul integrating all the gifts of your soul’s journey, at this pivotal time in Earth's mass ascension. This is what you came here to do. The great time of awakening is now, the world is NOW ready for your medicine.

This is a three-month container. •We meet once a week for a 1- 75 mins session. (Value $4800)

•One check-in email, text, or message connections each week for 15 mins. (Value $1200)

•Weekly intuitive summary written up, actionable items, provided on an agreed upon day. (Value $2000)

Andrea holding a container for your vision, clearing blocks, and supporting you to root that vision down into physical form. Andrea holding your vision with you everyday dang day! (Value... Priceless...$3000)

Total Monetary Value $11,000
We begin with getting the overall vision/template from your soul and divine spiritual team.

We end with the foundation for your epic business all set and ready to bring up online knowing all the moving pieces, how they fit together and understanding your business, the mission, the values, the BRAND.

Using all your gifts & all that you have experienced, wrapping it all together to create a whole new way to work bringing joy to the world. YOUR WAY!!!

Monthly Payment plan available $2,200 x three months.
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