Reclamation Level 2

Welcome to Reclamation Level 2

This Course is for the LEADERS, Teachers, Healers, New Earth Gridders, & Soul Pod Leaders.

We dive deep into 3 areas in this course:

1. In this course, we connect with the Sacred Hoop. Sacred Hoop Medicine is the ability to hold a space for UNITY consciousness within a group, some may call this the Medicine Wheel, but my Ancestors have given me this medicine to share as THE SACRED HOOP, we awaken our own sacred hoop, embody it and awaken this in others.

2. Connect with your own ancestral wisdom as we connect to the sacred medicines of the First Nations wisdom from my Ancestors to support your OWN connection to the wisdom of your own lineage & ancestry. Often there are medicine people within your own lineage from other parts of the world who embodied their connection to all things, spirit, nature, animals and humanity; our intention here is to wake up this within your own being and remember, the wisdom IS within YOU!

3. Group Healing is one of the most powerful modes of healing, one because we have the energy of a whole circle to hold space for us, second, when we witness another healing we also heal that aspect of ourselves, third much of the pain needs more than one person holding us to heal.

In this course we honour and deeply respect the teachings and offer gratitude to the Indigenous Ancestors for keeping this wisdom alive and carrying on the practices, ceremonies and way of life no matter what until the world was ready to remember, there are Indigenous from all over the world who remained connected to this wisdom and for that, we send out so much gratitude so that we could ALL find our way back HOME.

~healing full circle 16 generations back, coming full circle.
~Creating a harmonious family foundation.
~Connect and unlock your own healing abilities on a DNA level.
~Connect to your personal Ancestral Wisdom and your medicines.
~Stay connected to Unity Consciousness wherever you stand.
~Learn how to create massive transformation whatever you stand.
~Ground in the NEW Earth commUNITY.
~Connect with your soul pod to help manifest heaven on earth.
~Align with your unique soul gifts.

  • Welcome Week: Overview
  • Intro Welcome Video
  • Creating Our Container
  • August 29th: Guided Personal Sacred Tobacco Offering
  • Month 1: Foundations 12d 2h 30m
  • 4 Sacred Directions Connection
  • 7 sacred directions: Opening Sacred Space
  • 7 Grandfather Teachings Overview
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Courage and Wisdom
  • Month 2: Relationship with the Divine 13d 3h
  • Honesty Healing and Teaching
  • Closing Space
  • Space Holder Teachings
  • NEWEST: Truth and Major Energy Work
  • Month 3: Connecting to Our Roots and Storytelling
  • Sacred Water Connection and Awakening
  • Connecting to our WHY?
  • Sacred Fire
  • Sacred Earth
  • Month 4: Connecting to our Roots as Healers 43d 3h
  • What's Our Medicine?
  • NEW NEW Connecting to Our Healed Ancestors
  • NEWEST !!! Connecting to our Vision, Mission, and essence of your offerings
  • Month 5: Space Holding Dynamics 89d 3h
  • Space Holding Dynamics
  • Space holding in circle
  • Standing in front
  • Month 6: Reclaim your Expression 119d 3h
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Healing our paternal line
  • 4 Sacred Directions Connection (clone)
  • Grounded and ready to shine and share your heart medicine in group containers 126d 3h
  • Activating the heart field and amplification
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever