MYSTIC Level 1- Intuition Development Next Enrolment May 1st

Your Sensitivity Is Your Superpower

Unlock your psychic senses, connect to the world of spirit.
And get the REAL hands-on experience!!!

Yet, EVEN MORE, you also strengthen your own internal knowing, receive energy healing and coaching connecting you more deeply to your internal wisdom and soul mission.

Even if you are ALREADY an Intuitive Healer and feel called to join, you will finish empowered to start showing up as the LEADER you ARE, in a bigger way!!!

The RESULTS...Make better, more well-informed decisions with all of your new knowledge.
•Blast your intuition is wide open.
•Reclaim your psychic gifts.
•Gain Confidence!
•Receive energy healing to expand you into your authentic soul lead life.
•Reclaim your soul purpose
•Form incredible friendships, be seen deeply and have space to be heard, like for REAL. Andrea creates intimate containers to really touch your soul.

A course in transformation on many layers. You do not want to miss out!

5 weeks

1 LIVE ZOOM circle with Andrea weekly
Payment Plans Available Upon Request.

  • Overview 5 MINS
  • Anxiety Clearing Process 20 MINS
  • 30 mins Bonus LIVE ZOOM: Intro, what inspired you this course
  • Module 1: Clearing & Connecting
  • Landscape Of The Spirit World 18 MINS
  • Overview Of The Chakras 20 MINS
  • Clear-Seeing & Clear-Hearing 15 MINS
  • 1 hour LIVE ZOOM: Review Landscape & Chakras
  • Module 2: Expanding to new dimensions
  • Finding Your Dominant Clair-Ability 22 MINS
  • Affirmations 10 MINS
  • Be A Reporter 11 MINS
  • Opening Space 5 MINS
  • Multidimensional SELVES 17 MINS
  • 1 hour LIVE ZOOM: Multidimensional Self Exploration
  • Module 3: Expanding my clair-abilities to new dimensions
  • Ego Self Talk vs Divine Guidance 15 MINS
  • Vacuuming With Archangel Michael 13 MINS
  • Vacuuming With Archangel Michael - Meditation & Its Purpose 19 MINS
  • Partner practice pair up's this week Vacuuming Fear
  • 1 hour LIVE ZOOM: Third Eye Healing Ceremony
  • Module 4: Coming to my mystical senses & Transforming Relationships
  • Relationships and Cords of Attachment 18 MINS
  • Cord Cutting and Dissolving with Archangels Michael and Raphael 10 MINS
  • Guided Cord Cutting and Dissolving 26 MINS Process
  • Partner Pair up Practice: Cord Cutting and Dissolving
  • 1 hour LIVE ZOOM: Transforming Relationships
  • Module 5: Divine Life Purpose & Professional Readings
  • Divine Life Purpose 10 MINS
  • Doing a Professional Reading Prep 10 MINS
  • Tips For Your Professional Reading 9 MINS
  • 8 Affirmations 10 MINS
  • 2 partner practice pair up's this week
  • 1 hour LIVE ZOOM: Q & A and Graduation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever