MYSTIC ARTS Level 3 - Radiate Your Soul: Extend Your Universal Blueprint March 1st

First Offering of Mystic level 3!!!

Awakened Leadership

Move from the pipe dream to actually ground your BRAND and Legacy into form, step by step so you actually Take ACTION!

You are a New Earth Visionary and it is time to start your work, I am here to help you expand your reach and ground your vision.

LEVEL 3 We dive deeper into your GLOBAL SOUL Purpose and create a framework for you to expand your reach.

Weekly Guided Meditations with energy work released each week.

Weekly Group Coaching laser coaching sessions.

A 16-week course, we meet LIVE via zoom once a week.
  • Intention Setting
  • Creating Your Business of Transformation and Creating a Legacy
  • Month 1: Business, Legacy, Vision Development 5h
  • Module 1:Connect to your legacy 11h
  • Legacy ~ What is the vision you hold, what did you come to create? you ?
  • Connecting to our soul essence
  • Colour Connection for Support
  • Realizations & Epiphanies, Elohim
  • First LIVE with Andrea
  • Module 2: Brand Development, symbol, images, colours 2d 11h
  • the power of symbology, connecting to a symbol, shape or image
  • Creating an image collage that exemplify your BRAND
  • LIVE ZOOM with Tracey
  • Module 3: Connect to your TRIBE, on a soul level so they find you 2d 17h
  • Connect, see hear feel and know your soul mate client
  • Who you serve
  • Get to know your soul mate clients
  • Weekly LIVE ZOOM
  • Module 4: Marketing, Creativity, Expression 7d 17h
  • Special Guest Tash
  • Building our Library of Symbols
  • Live ZOOM with Andrea
  • Month 2- The Technical Side of Things 8d
  • Module 5: Social Media platforms 8d 1h
  • Special Guest Dash and Kasey
  • Using the platforms that are most efficient for YOU
  • Where are Your Clients hanging out
  • LIVE ZOOM with Expert
  • Module 6: Time to use your branding 12d 1h
  • Time to shine and connecting to your soul aligned clients
  • Live ZOOM
  • Soul Pod Awakening: Your Support Team
  • Module 7: Show Up, Photoshoot...Capturing your Essence on Camera 12d 7h
  • Clearing the Energetic Filed of your soul aligned Pod System
  • Releasing Vows, Curses and Weapons of Psychic Attack
  • Live ZOOM
  • Essentials to building an online presence
  • Module 8: Consistency and leverage and systems to streamline your business 19d 7h
  • Psychic Transmuter Part 2
  • Nov 8th: Live ZOOM
  • Month 3:Creating, CommUNITY and Results 19d 8h
  • Module 9: How to Execute Your Mission NOW 19d 9h
  • Soul Aligned Products & Offerings
  • Mystic 2 Review Part 2
  • Nov 12th: Live ZOOM Shifting from self sabotage
  • Energy Hygiene Overview
  • Module 10: Collaboration, Connection & Joint Ventures 24d 9h
  • Magnetize Supportive team mates, partners, alliances
  • Who can Help YOU
  • Weekly Zoom
  • Module 11: Offering or Course Creation, Hosting Platforms 24d 15h
  • Create your Offering/Product/Course
  • Intention of Offering, and Results
  • Hosting platforms
  • Clixli, Teachable, Kajabi, Talent LMS,
  • Weekly Zoom
  • Module 12: Energize Your Message and Launch 31d 15h
  • Mild Versus Profound sessions
  • Mild to Profound Reading - Part 2
  • Nov 26th: LIVE ZOOM WILD, lol.
  • Nov 29th: Deepest Fear; Lets Dance:)
  • Chakra's, symbol, Image, aura placement, orienation
  • Month 4- The Big Picture; after you have put the puzzle pieces together 38d 15h
  • Weekly Q & A 38d 16h
  • Weekly 90 min group Q & A
  • Weekly 90 min group Q & A
  • Weekly 90 min group Q & A
  • Weekly 90 min group Q & A
  • Intro to Rainbow Bridge Ascension
  • Rainbow Bridge Chakra
  • Partner Practice doing Life/ Soul purpose readings
  • Claiming Your soul's gifts and zone of genius
  • Dec 13th:LIVE ZOOM
  • Branding, tools and resources
  • Professional Reading
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever