MYSTIC ARTS Level 3 - Radiate Your Soul: Extend Your Universal Blueprint

First Offering of Mystic level 3!!!

Awakened Leadership

Move from the pipe dream to actually ground your BRAND and Legacy into form, step by step so you actually Take ACTION!

You are a New Earth Visionary and it is time to start your work, I am here to help you expand your reach and ground your vision.

LEVEL 3 We dive deeper into your GLOBAL SOUL Purpose and create a framework for you to expand your reach.

For the Payment Plan Option please send me an email to set up.
  • Intention Setting: Setting the Foundation
  • Creating Your Business of Transformation and Creating a Legacy 5 mins
  • rEVOLutionary Spirit ACTIVATION 21 mins
  • Month 1: Business, Legacy, Vision
  • Module 1:Connect to your legacy, clearing fear and new earth legacy activation 2d
  • Legacy ~ Energy Work and Alignment 23 mins
  • Soul Essence Reconnection 18 mins
  • Realizations & Epiphanies, Elohim 16 mins
  • 4 pillars of your Legacy, Life and Business 21 mins
  • Unlock the Creation Portal within 18 mins video
  • Mission Statement Intro 4 mins
  • Module 2: Authentic Self & Activating the Merkaba 8d
  • Colour Connection for Support
  • Brand Identity Journey 29 mins
  • Personal Symbol 16 mins
  • Connect To Your PRESENCE 11mins
  • Breath and Energy Body Expansion 19 mins
  • Energy Alchemy 17 mins
  • Toroidal Field Activation 12 mins
  • Embodying My Brand
  • Module 3: Creativity, Brand Identity 15d
  • What's Your Batman Logo? 23 mins
  • Activating your Logo and connecting it to your soul mate clients 5 mins
  • Understanding your Soul Aligned People You Serve 19 mins
  • Bringing Your Brand To Life
  • Module 4: Connect to your TRIBE, on a soul level so they find you 115d
  • Month 2- The Technical Side of Things 122d
  • Module 5: Social Media platforms 129d
  • Module 6: Time to use your branding 133d
  • Module 7: Show Up, Photoshoot...Capturing your Essence on Camera 139d
  • Module 8: Consistency and leverage and systems to streamline your business 146d
  • Module 9: How to Execute Your Mission NOW 151d
  • Module 10: Collaboration, Connection & Joint Ventures 158d
  • Module 11: Offering or Course Creation, Hosting Platforms 165d
  • Module 12: Energize Your Message and Launch 170d
  • Month 4- The Big Picture; after you have put the puzzle pieces together 177d
  • Weekly Q & A 177d 1h
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever