Advanced Course

Master Your Frequency: Become the Powerful Creator You Were Born To Be (clone)

You are here to Birth a new reality; in our 6 weeks of working 1-1 together we free you and amplify your soul signature so you can be 100% Authentic YOU!

In this 6-week sacred container you will reclaim your inner mastery and RADIATE you out into the world so you are no longer adapting and morphing to the worlds programs, limitations, lack but you are fully empowered to transcend the outer world and begin creating the reality you have seeded deep within your being. Activating this divine consciousness.

Over the next few weeks, we will clear the blocks from your field so you can be FREE and own your own enlightened way of being in this 3d world, so you are no longer influenced by others world view and reality but are strong enough in your power so that these influences no longer put you off-kilter but instead learn how to dance with them or simply set a boundary to not engage.

Lastly, in this course, we dive into your reason for being and activate your soul seed within your heart, nourish it, support it and witness it bloom. You are here to create massive change and awakening in your own unique joy-filled way. It is the way!

So grateful for you in this world, being you,
Lots of Love, Andrea.
  • Master Your Frequency Description
  • Welcome to Master Your Frequency
  • What to Expect and Intention Setting
  • Week 1
  • Week 2 5d
  • Week 2
  • Sacred Re-Connection
  • Heart Healing
  • Week 3 12d
  • Week 3:Deepening Connection to all parts
  • Week 3: Prep for the new moon this sunday
  • Week 3: Part 2 of new moon manifestation prep
  • Week 3: Video 3 NEW MOON PORTAL
  • Week 4 19d
  • Torus field Center-ing Practice
  • week 4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed